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So who’s this Scoob Guy?

We were talking with a friend who asked “so, who’s this Scoob guy?” Seemed like a good topic for a short post!

We bought our T@G camper from a dealer in Wilmington, NC back in May of 2018. The sales guys was just about as friendly and cool as could be – he was originally from San Diego and had that SD vibe where you just wanted to go have a beer with him and listen to his camping/surfing stories.

After we signed all the paperwork he did the walk-thru of the camper where he explained to us how everything worked. Not having ever owned anything that needs to be towed before (let alone a camper) there was a lot for us to learn. As the sales guy walked through all of the different features of the camper he described each little switch/gadget/doohickey as a “scooby-doo”. “So, to turn the battery off, you just flip this little green scoobydoo here”, “These scoobydoos down here are the stabilizer jacks”, “The manual tells you what each of the various scoobydoo thingees do but just feel free to call me with any questions.”, etc., etc. It was pretty funny and we now often use “scoobydoo” as a replacement noun for “doohicky”, “thingamabob”, “jigamathing”, and “gadget”.

It didn’t take long on the drive home before we easily decided that the camper would be christened as “Scooby Doo” and “Scoob” is part of the family now!

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